mercedes g.

Listen up, I have a confession! I received my BB Bombs in the mail a few weeks ago (weeks)! I anticipated taking it with me last weekend on my mini vacation but I sadly forgot it at home. It was not until just last night that I was finally able to put this bad boy to use. First off, can I tell you how impressed I was that my bath bomb was still fully intact! Not a crumb in my packaging. Secondly, oh my God, that bath was everything!!! I could feel my body being moisturized immediately as the bath bomb fizzled into my bath and made contact with my skin.

Can't wait to try my Sandalwood bath bomb next! I'm ready to unwrap that thang for a #betterbootay!


kenesha w.

I love the BB Bombs. I bought some for me & now everyone in the family wants to use them. I also bought a batch of the Man Bombs for my subscription box subscribers. I almost didn't want to pack them up for other people to use! My house smelled heavenly though. BB Bombs will always be my go-to place for bath bombs!


La'Shaye e.


Tory Landrum Moore

I purchased the big box and OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I'm in love and not to mention my 5 year old has used 4 of the 6, so far. Love the product. Easy to clean the tub after use. The scents are amazing while leaving soft aromas throughout the house. Does not dry the skin out. Definitely will be purchasing more and have referred others.



First off let me say before I even opened the package, I could smell the bath bombs!  so they definitely have a great fragrance to them, they make my skin feel super smooth after getting out.. I definitely recommend BB Bombs!