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Written by Erika Hardison

It’s hard to find a lot of Black-owned businesses online because many of them are operating with no monetary support to market themselves. It’s harder still for those up-and-coming shops to get funding, which means customer support is crucial and it’s important to spread the word on businesses you come across.

While some brands are very transparent about being Black-owned, others are not. Yet, by shopping these new and emerging Black-owned businesses, you’ll not only be getting great stuff that you can use all the time (not just during Black History Month), but also support Black entrepreneurs and help a small or family-owned business gain more visibility.

Below are 30 Black-owned brands on the rise. From shops specializing in home decor products to the latest fashions from Beyoncé’s leisurewear line, these retailers could help change your life.


2. BB Bombs

Sometimes, taking a bath feels like a luxury. You can make your time in the tub a complete experience with these enticing and fizzy bath bombs and skin products from BB Bombs. Your skin will thank you for the extra care.

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