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How to Use Your Complete Routine


You have decided to take charge of your daily skincare routine with skin food! Although there are no real rules on how to use your products we suggest you use them in this order for optimum results!

Our Complete Routine includes our top selling Turmeric Cleansing Scrub, Gentle Milk Cleanser, Rose Hydrosol, Vitamin C Serum, and Radiant Oil! You will achieve clearer more radiant skin by using these natural skincare products on a daily basis!

Every morning:

  • Wash your face with the Gentle Milk Cleanser or Turmeric Cleansing Scrub. We recommend alternating between the two.
  • While skin is still damp, spritz your face with the Rose Hydrosol to close pores and tone skin. 
  • After skin has dried, apply the Vitamin C Serum. 2-3 pumps should be fine. Don't forget your neck!
  • Lastly, apply the Radiant Oil and gently pat into skin. Be sure not to pull on your skin while applying your oil. 
  • Not included, but recommended - apply sunscreen, especially if you will be headed outside!

You are welcome to follow the same routine at night, but it is not 100% necessary! However, if you wear makeup during the day, you will always want to go to bed with a clean face on a clean pillow case!

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