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DID YOU KNOW: About our Cleansing Sugar Scrub


Many of our customers love the smell of our cleansing sugar scrubs, but did you know that the cleansing agent used in them is all natural?

Thats right!

No harsh chemicals are used to give you the cleansing effect in the scrub PLUS it is gentle enough to use on your face! We use the exact same base formula in all of the signature scrubs such as our Turmeric Cleansing Scrub and Detox Scrub!

Did you know that the scrubs also provides intense moisture for your skin while your pores are still open? This creates the perfect solution for those with dry, rough skin or who wants to skip the lotion after the shower. 

We use skin loving sunflower oil in order to help you achieve a moisture rich glow!

Begin your all over skincare journey with any of our signature cleansing sugar scrubs!