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Cactus Oil! Who Knew It Was So Good For Your Skin!


While out founder was traveling this past summer she got up close and intimate with the elements! No longer living in luxury in NYC, but more so trekking it in the desert and on top of the Rocky Mountains where cell phone service is non-existent. 

That's not to say that she was not inspired! She was inspired by the Native American Ruins in Arizona and the crisp clean air on top of the mountains. She was extremely curious about how cactus would work on the skin....

The plant literally survives with minimal moisture (except during monsoon season) and very dry air. Maybe, just maybe the same elements that work for the cactus would be of great benefit to us!

Just as she thought, cactus oil is extremely hydrating to the skin while still being light and non-greasy. It is full of antioxidants that will help you glow!

With this inspiration she created her own Cactus Oil Blend that combines this liquid gold with other tried and true oils such as aloe and grape seed!

Check out this new magical concoction here !