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Real Food Ingredients

We make our self-care products with your physical and mental nourishment in mind. As you explore our catalog of skin food, you will find real food ingredients in everything. From the skin safe coconut wax to the sugar base for all of our cleansing scrubs. We are the definition of Skin Food.

Made for Humans, by Humans

In a world that depends on machines we have found that we would rather work with humans. Our small, loving team of humans creates every product we offer by hand and in small batches. We create the textures, scents, labels - everything. Many of our BB Beauties claim they can actually feel the love when they use our products.

We are a Natural Self Care Company

Self-care through food ingredients is our motto. Each item is created to elevate your mental, spiritual, and physical self. We believe that every routine you create should be special. With minimalistic packaging we are able to give you the flexibility to decide what your space will feel like without massive logos or labels cluttering your eye line. You can finally say goodbye to product label clutter.

Soak with Intention

Take a bath with a purpose. Whether you are feeling a little bougie or need some grounding with palo santo, we have the perfect blend for you!

How to Combat Dry Skin

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  • Turmeric Cleansing Scrub
    Turmeric Cleansing Scrub
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  • Triple Magic Butter
    Triple Magic Butter
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  • Vitamin C Serum
    Vitamin C Serum
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  • Turmeric Shea Butter Soap
    Turmeric Shea Butter Soap
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  • Detox Cleansing Scrub
    Detox Cleansing Scrub
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  • Radiant Oil
    Radiant Oil
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reviews (swipe to read more)

I purchased this scrub to use primarily for the face. I love all of the ingredients listed especially the Turmeric. This scrub paired with the vitamin C serum and radiant oil are a fabulous combination.

Semaria S.

This entire set transformed my face from finals week! I had dark circles and bags under my eyes from not sleeping. I tried using Kiehls products but they weren't doing much. I also had psoriasis under my eyes too. I used this one time at my sisters house and I was a new person! My psoriasis was gone! Ordered it the second I found the website. I have an interview next week and I'm so happy to be able to be radiant and glowing! Thank You!!!!


My face absolutely loves the turmeric scrub! I do weekly steams with the scrub and WHAT A DIFFERENCE it makes. Scars are fading from my skin, it’s not a heavy product so it doesn’t clog pores, but I fact cleanses them!

Julie Jackson

I got my order of bath bombs and could smell the delicious aroma before I opened the package. My entire experience with BB Bombs has been amazing. The customer service, communication and product have all exceeded my expectations. Keep up the good work and I will be placing another order soon.

Sherri M.

Love it, love it, love it!!! Freakishly fast shipping, and amazing products. I’m a product snob and these are the BEST! Get yourself a better booty (and some amazingly soft skin, lips, face, EVERYTHING) today!! You won’t regret it!!

Melissa R.

I’m really astonished. I’m usually very skeptical with trying new products out. I’ve been using the same skin care routine for over years. Also it’s very hard to find natural products that leave your skin feeling amazing without spending hundreds - this was not o my affordable but I loved every product.

The turmeric scrub smelled so good and detoxed my dead skin off my face and arms. I also used the body butter which was one of the best butters I’ve ever used! I followed up with the radiant oil and my skin feels LITERALLY like butter. I see this being a great gift for moms and friends. I love it


First off let me say before I even opened the package, I could smell the bath bombs! - so they definitely have a great fragrance to them, they make my skin feel super smooth after getting out.. I definitely recommend BB Bombs! 

Tory M.

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